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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Power of Thought - A Quantum Perspective - By Kent Healy

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Oprah Uses The Law of Attraction aka "The Secret"

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Napoleon Hill - How To Get Rich Via The Law Of Attraction

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Law of Attraction - David Childerley Reveals The Secret

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pay It Forward

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Derek Redmond: Amazing Feat of the Human Spirit

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Secret: 1st 20 minutes

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

What they never told you in "The Secret"

Wherever you are at in your life, you need to read this report.

If you’ve seen “The Secret” and inwardly sense you’re missing something to make it work, you need to read this report. Or maybe you’re doing pretty well already and just want to deepen your knowledge to improve your vibration and understanding.

Either way, this is for you.

Here is the link to download you report:

3 Untold Manifesting Secrets

Right click the link above and select “Save Target As/Save Link As” to save a copy to your desktop. (Mac users - right click is CONTROL + click).



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Saturday, April 5, 2008



"There is no thought in my mind
but it quickly tends to convert
itself into a power and organizes a
huge instrumentality of means."

- R.W.Emerson

In other words, the mind always finds a way, a solution to your problems. It is the power of imagination at work.

This is a topic that I have already written about quite a bit. In his book John Kehoe covers it very well from his in-depth study of the inner workings of the human mind. I believe he has helped a number of famous sportspeople overcome slumps in their careers through the technique of visualisation. New Zealand's former master batsman, Martin Crowe is one.

"It's all in the mind. I knew it would happen. I could feel and taste the success". I dunno who said that, so let's call them "nonnimoose". Some very successful salespeople run the next day over in their minds when they go to bed the previous evening (or when they wake up in the morning). On the way to their important appointment, they visualise through the "mind's eye" the ideal outcome for them. It's a form of mental rehearsal.

You can use your imagination to see yourself in a situation that hasn't yet happened. Picture yourself getting what you want. For example, picture yourself as being more confident and calm before a public presentation or speech. Haven't been able to do that yet (written with knees shaking at the mere thought of it, so my writing table knocks)!

It's not too difficult to change your mindset. If you can visualize it in the mind, I believe nearly everyone can gain or strengthen the following attributes, their character traits:



The process is really the same as in goal-setting (because everything relates to goal setting: success, motivation, dreams, etc.)
Let's now look at the steps involved in getting there...

1. Firstly, decide what it is you want or want to do. Is it promotion, to make lots of money or simply to pass an examination?

2. Relax completely and totally unwind. Let yourself go and let your mind flow, like it's floating on a magic carpet high in the sky. Just let your imagination drift on and be blown by the breezes of life.

3. Spend 10 minutes visualising the reality you want out of life. Imagine living your life as if it's really happening... picture yourself doing what you really want to do. Enjoy the feeling of success deep inside you.

"Tink" positive thoughts - always. Our great mental energy is now working for us. When we focus and think about something intently, our mind works overtime to devise ways and means of achieving our goals - the power of our IMAGINATION. We all know of the times when we can't think of someone's name (or some other problem), when we go to bed; but as soon as we awake in the morning, we immediately have the answer. Our subconscious mind has been working for us while we've been sleeping. Eureka and a great sense of relief!

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought."
- Buddha

Again in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus said:
‘It is done to you as you believe."
Back to visualisation... Remember AFFIRMATIONS - those precise positive statements of intent, affirming or strengthening your beliefs. Say them at least once a day - repetition has the power to engrave them in your mind and so make them real. Practice imprints the picture on the mind and practice makes perfect. Do it for five minutes daily, for weeks or months - as long as you need to. These new thoughts will eventually "take possession in the mind" and they will become your reality. You are not day-dreaming; just trust the process and have FAITH in the process.

Any thought put into your mind and nourished regularly will produce some change through positive results in your life.

NB: Always have a positive outcome of your goal. Opportunities open up when you open up your thoughts and situations will usually lead you toward your goals.

To YOUR success, health, prosperity and happiness

Live, love and be happy.

Craig Lock (Eagle Productions Books)

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought."
- the Buddha

"It is done to you as you believe."
- Jesus (in the Bible)

About the author:
Craig has been studying the human mind for much of his life. He believes in sharing information and insights (with a "dash" of humour) to make a difference in this world: to help and especially encourage people along life's magical journey ... and that brings him the greatest joy.

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Is "The Secret" To Finding Real Wealth?

Did you know that less than one percent of the people currently
living on this planet account for almost twenty-five percent of
ALL the wealth? These powerful people certainly don't want you
to know this...they want you to stay as mindless drones whose
sole objective is to keep THEM wealthy. What is the secret this
small fraction of the population knows that the rest do not?

If you haven't seen the movie "The Secret", I implore you to
watch it! The Secret is the most powerful law in the universe!
If you have already seen it, watch it again. To watch "The
Secret" online, copy and paste this url into your browser;

Or you can watch "The Secret" On Demand via cable and satellite
for audiences in the United States and Canada.

This small minority of people who are currently pulling the
strings on world politics and world economics have mastered The
Secret. These are the same people who want The Secret banned
like it was once banned hundreds of years ago. Now The Secret
has been un-earthed for all to discover its tremendous power
once again!

There also have been great leaders who have mastered The Secret and made positive = contributions to all of humanity. Leaders like Albert Einstein, Abe Lincoln, and Mother Teresa to name a few.

We are now living in an exciting new age of technology where
humanity can do incredible things. The brick and mortar
corporations who once ruled our economy unequivocally over the
little guy are slowly losing their death grip due to the
astonishing power of the internet!

So what is this secret you ask? In a sentence; "The Secret Is
The Law Of Attraction". Simply stated, you get what you wish
for...or your thoughts dictate what you get in life. Your health
is dictated by your thoughts as well as your wealth.

Think of your thoughts as little tiny magnets...the intensity
of these tiny magnets or thoughts are in direct proportion to
the emotions you attach to it. The stronger the magnet, the
stronger the attraction. This explains why a lot of people don't
get what they wish for. They have not attached a strong enough
emotion to their dream. Or they feel they don't deserve their
dream so they don't bother pursuing it.

Let me give you an example of how the law of attraction works
in a negative way. Think of the days when you got started off
the wrong foot, then said to yourself "this is gonna be a long
and terrible day". What happened? A long and terrible
got what you wished for! The degree of how terrible your day
turned out was proportional to the intensity of the negative
emotion you attached to the thought, right?

So how do these little "magnets" or thoughts attract what we
want or don't want in our lives you ask? Well, and this is based
on quantum physics that scientists have just learned in the last
10 or 15 years. There is an invisible universal mind if you will
that contains all the dreams and thoughts of everyone who has
ever lived or will live...past...present...future. This is quite
the paradox you may think, how can this be?

The "time" element in this universal mind has been negated or
altered. Quantum physics has recently shown us that a single
electron can occupy two different spaces in an electro-magnetic
field at the same exact point in time, once thought impossible.
This goes against the laws of physics unless time has been
negated or altered some how, the only possible explanation. So
you may be able to connect with the dreams of someone who hasn't
been born yet. Are you getting excited yet?

The Universal Mind is a sort of collective consciousness. The
place where dreams are born. These dreams are invisible and
waiting to take physical form.

How do you convert your dreams from the universal mind to the
physical realm? By constantly thinking about your dreams with
strong emotions and just as importantly - taking action! I am
NOT talking about wishful thinking must take action
on your dreams!

It helps to have pictures of your dreams and look at them every
day. Write your dreams down. Formulate a plan that is specific
and with deadlines that will bring your dreams to fruition...and
stay the course! "Don't die with your dreams still inside you"
as Dr. Wayne Dyer likes to say.

That is why I firmly believe you should pursue ventures you
have a passion for...then you will find it easier to attach
strong positive emotions to your thoughts and dreams.

This is the most powerful law in the universe, use it wisely my

Good Luck and Stay the Course!

John Lynch

About The Author: John Lynch is owner of and writes on a variety of
subjects. To learn more about this topic John recommends you

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Monday, August 20, 2007

How To Easily Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind Power

The subconscious mind is the source of emotion as well as
the depository of memories. The conscious mind is the
command center of the will as well as the facility of
receptiveness. The subconscious mind is utterly submissive
to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the leads,
loves and protects while the subconscious follows, respects
and trusts. Therefore, the subconscious mind is the
assistant of the conscious mind.

When the conscious and subconscious minds are in harmony,
the entire mind is whole in its functioning. A fully
functioning whole mind is productive, creative and healthy
in its endeavors. However, when the harmony is unbalanced
within the two minds it dysfunctions and consequently there
is a destructive collapse.

Personal reality is created by the beliefs of the
subconscious mind. While the conscious mind transmits, a
thought into the subconscious mind to create a belief that
is then manifested into reality.

When you consciously assume that something is true, your
subconscious mind accepts it as truth. When the
subconscious mind believes something to be true it goes
about drawing the conditions needed to indeed make it truth.

The power of the subconscious mind is stimulated or
tarnished in accord to the thoughts of the conscious mind.
If the conscious mind distinguishes prosperity, the
subconscious mind produces prosperity. The reverse can also
be stated concerning the aspects of the conscious and
subconscious mind.

How and what you think about yourself dominates your
outcome of events. That is to say, the energy you put into
thought returns to you in a like way, if the energy that
you project to the universe is positive, by nature positive
is returned to you.

Recognize the essential value of consciously choosing the
thoughts you maintain each day. Keep your thoughts and
actions focused on what you really want to create in your
life reality, for thoughts as well as actions are indeed
living energy.

You can tap into power of your subconscious mind by
acknowledging quanta energy. Quanta are a plural form of
Quantum. Quantum physics is a study of the universe's
building blocks, or the frame of its structure. In the
world of quantum physics, every single particle, which are
considered quanta, is a form of concentrated energy. All
the particles of energy are basically the same type of
associated particles.

The difference is found in the way which particles are
together grouped into even larger frame structures.
Learning how they operate is key in understanding how to
create yourself and the world around you. The secret is
that your recurring emotions and thoughts can and will
revise your life's path. The process of creating your
reality by the use of both the conscious and subconscious
mind is called manifestation.

So basically, you own thoughts manifest themselves into
your own reality. How you make use of this information of
bringing about a change of reality determines the results,
whether they are positive or negative.

When you take time out to create the life or reality you
want to draw to you, you are in fact influencing the
Quantum Field. As energy is attracted to its own like
energy, and the associated energy produces a physical

Your emotional state is a central influence of your
physical state. Your reality is fundamental to your choice
of thoughts and intentions. You must take charge of your
thoughts to take charge of your reality, as the outside and
inside are reflections of each other.

Changing the negative things you think by replacing them
with positive thoughts gives you the power to tap into your
subconscious mind power. Once you have taken positive
charge of your circumstances, everything positive will
follow suit. Remember like attracts like.

Once you have taken charge of your subconscious thoughts
and beliefs, you are able to draw to you the things you
seek by putting the law of attraction to work.

When you choose what you wish to perceive, that which you
choose to perceive should be chosen with conviction and
single-mindedness, this will cause the quantum field of
energy to manifest over time the reality that you seek, and
it all depends upon your clarity of focus and confidence
that your reality will be manifested.

It takes an intense desire to cause reality to change, all
that is needed is knowing the possibility of manifestation
can be accomplished with a change of attitude and
intentions, putting effort into creating your day, your
reality causes quanta energy to arrange the things you
truly wish for to come to you.

About the Author:

*** Rasheed Ali was once a homeless & penniless and is now
helping to change the lives of thousands people from all
over the world. Unlock your success potential by visiting
the Growing Rich Newsletter at

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Monday, August 13, 2007

About Semantics of Law of Attraction

It is important to discuss the meaning of words used in the
Law of Attraction process. From the "get go," humans have
been developing symbols and language to communicate their
ideas and needs. Different symbols, and even different
dialects and languages, were developed for the same word.
For example, there are many words and expressions for
greeting a person in the English language including: "hi,"
"hello," "hey," "how are you," "what's up," "greetings,"
and "salutations," to name a few. Other languages also have
their words for saying hello. The point is, there are
different words and expressions that all mean the same

The same principle can be applied to universal laws. It
really doesn't matter what you call them or which language
you use, they all work the same way. For example, you can
call gravity: a force, gravitation, a pull towards the
center of the Earth, heaviness or weight, and it still
means the same thing, acts in the same way and has the same
set of properties. Our preferred semantics are for our own
understanding and clarity as they do not change the
properties of the object or law being referred to.

It is important to discuss semantics when teaching about
the Law of Attraction because it is one of the universe's
spiritual or social laws. People have a range of different
words and expressions they use to describe their
understanding of anything spiritual. Like the law of
gravity, the Law of Attraction works the same no matter
what words we prefer to use in describing it. For example,
I may use the words: energy, God's energy, or universal
energy, interchangeably. All major religions include
examples and you may wish to choose an example from the
faith tradition and teachings you are most familiar and
comfortable with. Law of Attraction works equally well for
those with no particular faith tradition.

The main thing is to provide your own words and
interpretations where needed, and don't get caught up in
the "semantics," or you will miss one of the most exciting
opportunities for personal growth you can discover.

So, the first steps toward that desire would be to ask the
following questions:

• How and why are you attracting this situation, object or

• What do you truly want?

• What will it do for you spiritually, monetarily, socially
and relationship wise?

• What really stops you right now from having this dream,
desire or goal?

• What old beliefs are holding you mentally stuck?

• What resources do you have on hand now?

• What is your true commitment to seeing your desire to

• Do you mentally see yourself successful, healthy, wealthy
and abundant?

• Is your attitude positive?

• What action will you take towards your desire beyond

• What will motivate you?

• What incentive will you use?

• What is your expectation?

About the Author:

Aldian Prakoso is an OptiMINDzation Performance Coach and
the owner of OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator Blog.
OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator Blog helps you to
achieve success, wealth, growth and health by unlocking The
Secret of Law of Attraction... ==>

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Sunday, July 29, 2007



Submitter's Note:
Craig has been studying and researching the human mind, the "last unexplored frontier" for the past decade and he is currently "working" on the connection (overlap) between mind and spirit, the relationship between psychology (science of the mind) and the spiritual world, God. A fascinating subject!

This article (in point form) is based on an excellent motivational, up-lifting and inspiring book 'THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING' by Claude Bristol (written in the "thirties"). I am sharing the contents of this work in the spirit of encouraging and hopefully even inspiring those people, who really want to achieve their fullest potentials to read this classic book, BELIEVE...and surprise themselves what happens.

Thank you sincerely, Mr Bristol for sharing your practical insight, words of wisdom and especially inspiration, which I'm passing on in the form of this series of articles from my notes taken from your book. Powerful forces locked in your mind can turn desire into reality! Learn to release them in this extraordinary book.


* Perhaps this works like an electrical vibration that sets the law of attraction into operation.
The belief changes the tempo of the mind or thought frequency. Like a huge magnet, it draws the subconscious forces into play, changing your whole aura and affecting everything about you...and often people and subjects at great distances. It then brings startling results - results you never dreamed possible.

There are countless references to the principle in the Bible.

What is the Subconscious Mind?
The best results in life are obtained by close harmony between the conscious and subconscious minds. The desire for success needs to be present in the conscious mind.

It works even when you are relaxing or sleeping. You wake up with the problem solved whilst sleeping. The judgement of the subconscious mind, which represents inherited instincts and the accumulation of experience is virtually infallible.

Just as the conscious mind is the source of thought, so the subconscious is the source of power. It's a memory vault and gives a person strength, courage and faith in themselves. It's a powerful sending and receiving station. A link with the spiritual world - past, present and future. In brief, the subconscious mind embodies the feeling and wisdom of the past, the awareness and knowledge of the present and the thought and vision of the future. It perceives by intuition; thus warning us of approaching danger.

"The subconscious mind will not take the trouble to work for those who do not believe in it." Make it serve you; SEE yourself as already successful. Continue to believe in the power and wisdom of the subconscious mind.

Then when you look back, you will see how the things you were called upon to do all formed a logical line of events, the last of which was your final arriving - the reward of your sincerest hopes and desires - your own triumphant personal success.


It's the ACT of BELIEVING that is the starting force or generating power that leads to successful accomplishment.

The power of auto-suggestion. Once a belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.
Man's mind becomes grooved to a certain pattern (like Germany and Japan before WWII). The power of repeated suggestion is even mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 30: 36-43).

The indominatable human spirit.

William James, father of modern psychology in America, declared that often our faith (belief) in advance of a doubtful undertaking is the only thing that can assure its successful occasion.
"Success or failure in business is caused more by mental attitudes even than by mental capacities."

"As we think and believe, so we are."

King Soloman:
"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
- the Bible

The subconscious mind always brings to reality what it is led to believe. Visualise - "hold the picture" in your head.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."
- the Bible

One just has to believe; this works through intensified thought or mental picture making. "I realised a long time ago that a belief, which does not spring from a conviction in the emotions is no belief at all."
- Evelyn Scott, American author (1893-1963).

"We influence events by very great desires." ???

Our thoughts determine our carriage (posture).

Shakespeare: "Assume a virtue, if you have it not."

Dr Emil Coue, French doctor declared that imagination was a much stronger force than will-power. When in conflict, the imagination always wins.

Charles Fourier, the French philosopher of more than a century and a half ago once declared that "the future of the world would grow out of the brain of man - shaped, controlled and directed by the desires and passions by which men are moved".

There are comparatively few men with great desires - most people are content to fill tiny niches in their lives.

DESIRE is the motivating force of life itself - the keener, the more urgent the desire, the sooner its communication.

Two opposing thoughts (as a positive and a negative) cannot fill the same space at the same time in the human mind.

The subconscious mind will respond to the vibrations of the thoughts that are strongest in you.

Close the door on yesterday, as we live TODAY. Give your audience the BEST that is in you (my writing aim). There is a theory that the subconscious mind controls our age. It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles. Repetition of thoughts - the "tip tapping" impresses it on your subconscious mind and on the mind (sub) of others.

SNIOP = "don't be susceptible to the negative influences of other people."

To end off, a few thoughts in summary...

Whatever we fix our thoughts upon or steadily focus our imagination upon, that is what we attract.

Everything starts with THOUGHT - the source (rich) of ideas. Then we need to ACT upon them.

Because "faith without action is dead."

Firmly believe in the power of believing, work hard with passion, be patient and see "impossibilities become possibilities, the stair-case to your wildest dreams".

Craig Lock ("Incorrigible Encourager and People-builder, Information and Inspiration Distributor") and

William James wrote, "The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds."

"Faith is the pillar of strength that allows man to achieve the impossible, reach the unattainable and solve the unfathomable."

"God creates us with different gifts. Each one of us comes into the world with a different collection of life circumstances that often severely challenge us, things that give us joy and in expressing our talents allow us to bless the people, the world around us."
- craig

Uplifting, encouraging and empowering people through the power of words and thought energy. Change YOUR world and you change THE world."

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Friday, July 27, 2007



Submitter's Note:
Craig has been studying and researching the human mind, the "last unexplored frontier" for the past decade and he is currently "working" on the connection (overlap) between mind and spirit, the relationship between psychology (science of the mind) and the spiritual world, God. A fascinating subject!

This article (in point form) is based on an excellent motivational, up-lifting and inspiring book 'THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING' by Claude Bristol (written in the "thirties"). I am sharing the contents of this work in the spirit of encouraging and hopefully even inspiring those people, who really want to achieve their fullest potentials to read this classic book, BELIEVE...and surprise themselves what happens.

Thank you sincerely, Mr Bristol for sharing your practical insight, words of wisdom and especially inspiration, which I'm passing on in the form of this series of articles from my notes taken from your book.

* Do you really BELIEVE you can make money on the internet?

Powerful forces locked in your mind can turn desire into reality!
Learn to release them in this extraordinary book.

* "If thou can'st believe, all things are possible to him that believeth"
- Mark 9:23

Most religions of the world (but especially Christianity) are based upon the powerful principle of FAITH ("God turns the impossible into the possible"). There is a golden thread running through all the teachings and makes them work for all who genuinely accept and apply them; it helps them reach all their goals in life. That thread in a word is BELIEF. There's genuine magic in believing. Study books of greatness and inspiration; because as we learn, we grow (in knowledge, as well as spiritually). It's a journey of exploration and personal growth.

See the law of suggestion (auto-suggestion) at work.
Most of history's greatest achievements have been accomplished not by the most talented, but by the people who were willing to take on great risks and challenges and see them through. And that happens only by believing.

All of us can develop belief, yet few people know HOW.

"You can become the unique person that it is in you to become; but only if you resist the urge to conform to the images others hold of you. You can turn all your potential into reality, only if you are willing to DREAM...and BELIEVE."
- Nido R. Quebin.

* Is there a something, a force, factor, power, a science, call it what you will, which a few people understand and use to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding success?

This concept is understood by few and used by even less people. I am convinced any sincere person can reach any heights he or she desires. There is a wealth of spirit in YOU. This book is written to help develop individual thinking and doing, to help people to a better understanding and the principle DOES work.

THE POWER OF THOUGHT (or the 'science of thought'): The principles mentioned in this work substantiate great truths handed down the ages.

The greatest problems bothering most people are financial ones. So the amazing invention of the internet provides an avenue to help yourself and others at the same time. I really believe that!

Old Latin proverb: "Believe you have it and you have it." Belief is the motivating factor that enables you to reach your goal.

Make success your dominant thought. Whatever is your dominant thought will end up happening. So you need to put it "out there" and everything will follow. Lift yourself up to possibilities Keep on believing. There are always challenges and knock-backs. Always really believe that your vision is going to come to fruition.

* Can man project his thoughts even at great distances into other minds (mental telepathy)?

The most important advance in the next generation will be in the vast unknown of the human mind - dealing with the spiritual, ie. thought. Psychology is the science of the mind.

Persistence brings confidence and a continued right mental attitude followed by consistent action will bring success. Know the formula. It is mind power that has built empires.

Use the technique only for GOOD - to better yours and others lives.

Thought is a terrific force with unlimited powers.

RW Emerson: "Thought is the ancestor of our every action."

Our world is governed by thought. Buddha: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought."

The secret of success lies not without, but within the thoughts of man. History is filled with accounts of how thought has made weak men strong and strong men weak...and evidence of this is evident all around us in everyday living.

What you exhibit outwardly you are inwardly. You are the product of your own thoughts. "What you believe yourself to be, you are."

Thought is the original source of all wealth, success, material gain, all great discoveries and inventions...and of ALL achievement. Without it there'd be no empires built. A man's thoughts make or break him. Shakespeare: "There is nothing good or bad; but thinking makes it so."

Draw on the great source of power that lies within each one of us.
We become what we contemplate, what we think about most. Everything is within - the mind is the source of all power.

Man secures the gold of the spirit, when he finds himself.

Edison said that 'ideas come from space'.

The great ancient Greek physician, Paracelsus: "The human spirit is so great a thing that no-one can express it. Faith must strengthen the imagination, for faith establishes the will."

* The Keys to Success:
The first step on the road to success:

Know exactly WHAT you want out of life.

Hard work alone will not bring success; our hands are designed to be helping the brain.
DESIRE (burning), an obsession helps ensure success in any endeavour. (Personally, I feel we need to have balance in our lives).

Ensure your thoughts and aims are co-ordinated.

Make your energy concentrated and applied without "let-up" (continuous)

* There is a big difference between NEED and a DESIRE.

All-consuming thoughts can be bad, as one needs balance in our lives. Become more real with our thinking and adding flavour (intensity) through our imaginations, ie visualisation.

"Thought attracts that upon which it is directed."

It then sinks into our consciousness - the depth depends on the constancy, intensity and power of your thoughts.

Everything that exists is vibration???

The healing touch of Jesus's hand.

Prayer and meditation operate through this principle, as "focussed energy", like a lasar-beam.

"Creative force comes only when there is a completely rounded-out thought, when there is a fully developed mental picture, or when the imagination can visualise the attainment of our ambition and see in our mind a picture of the object we desire - a house, a car, a radio, etc - just as if we already possessed them."

To be effective, you have to BELIEVE that your prayers will be answered. Different creeds and cults work as a result of the firm beliefs of the individual: The "Magic of Believing".

* The Subconscious Mind:

The "still small voice within".

Supreme Intelligence or Universal Mind. The subconscious or "essence of life" limits of its powers are unknown - it never sleeps, warns us of impending danger and can perform what are sometimes called miracles. The subconscious acts primarily on its own initiave, but there are times when its activities appear to be the result of influences from outside.

Get in contact with your subconscious mind and you can achieve wealth, power, fame, asw well as cure physical ailments and solve countless human problems. And its power is for YOU to use. Just BELIEVE in its power and put it to work using the techniques or systems.

Inventions, great musical compositions, poetry, fiction, writings (like this work) and all other ideas for original accomplishment come from the subconscious. Bricks fall into place, like a "magical hand". A pattern of co-incidences is a working out of a pattern you started with your own weaving.

The great power of the subconscious is one of the most formidable forces in shaping and controlling our lives. Perhaps it works like an electrical vibration sets the law of attraction into operation.

Sustained thought or fixed mental picture - go "into the silence".

Make mental pictures through the imagination - visualise. This comes about as a result of belief - a strange power that causes miracles to happen. It's a deep-seated belief - "heart and soul". a spiritual force. Know with every fibre of your being that you WILL achieve your desires.

Remember that success is a process and your life is a "work in progress"; so take one day at a time in an 'attitude of gratitude'.

In a "nutshell"...

* THINK right
* ACT right
* BELIEVE right

you CAN if you THINK you CAN

BE happy enjoying the incredible journey of life

Craig Lock ("Incorrigible Encourager, Information and Inspiration Distributor") and

"God creates us with different gifts. Each one of us comes into the world with a different collection of life circumstances that often severely challenge us, things that give us joy and in expressing our talents allow us to bless the people, the world around us."

"The task ahead of you can always be overcome by the power within you...and the seemingly difficult path ahead of you is never as steep with the great spirit that lies within you."

- craig
Uplifting, encouraging and empowering people through the power of words and thought energy. Change YOUR world and you change THE world."

End of Part One (Part II to follow)

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

"The Secret" And The Balance of Good And Evil

"The Secret" has really caught on. It seems like you can't watch news programs and daytime talk shows without someone bringing it up. The teachers from the movie are showing up everywhere from The Ellen Show to Larry King Live.

As I listened to people asking some hard questions about
Darfur and 9/11 during the Larry King Live show, I just had
to chuckle. It's not that the problems we face in this
world are anything to make light of, because they aren't.
The world is full of horrible suffering that is not going
to be solved with wishful thinking. In order to change the
world, we will have to not only think positively, but we
will have to think and act compassionately.

For years I have seen Christians maligned and ridiculed
because people have looked at all the problems in the
world, the suffering and the pain, and believed that the
existence of these evils was proof that God doesn't exist.
They reasoned that a good God wouldn't allow such things to
happen, therefore there must not be a God.

But thanks to "The Secret" they now have something else to
blame, because the Law of Attraction says that it's the
victims themselves who are causing their suffering. If you
listen to Dr. Joe Vitale he will tell you that people
attract everything that happens to them. So the people who
are suffering around the world are creating their own
problems, they just don't know it. At some unconscious
level the victims are really the perpetrators, because they
must feel that they deserve to be beaten, starved, and
murdered. After all, that is what they are "attracting"
into their lives.

Not all of the teachers from the movie share Dr. Vitale's
sentiments. Their answer to the world's ills is: They
don't know. The "universe" has good and bad in it, and
that's just the way it works out. The events in Darfur or
the attack on 9/11 just happened, and we don't understand

And then there are those who teach that the universe is a
perfect balance between positive and negative, good and
evil. If you take that thought to an extreme, you might
begin to believe that bad things happen because of the
good. For every person who is doing well in life, there
would have to be someone, somewhere, who is suffering.

When I look at the world from a Christian point of view, I
recognize that there is evil in the world. It got its
power from the rebellion of Adam when he disobeyed God and
ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The
world started going downhill from that point on and all the
problems we see today are not because some cosmic balance
has to be maintained, but because men are sinners. They
don't understand the blessings and goodness of God, so they
cause pain and suffering.

It is Romans 12:21 that tells us we can overcome evil with
good. With God all things are possible, and there isn't
some universal balance that needs to be maintained. As we
learn to live and love in the way God wants us to, we can
change the world. We can bring the truth of God's love to
a suffering world and tell them that He wants the absolute
best for them. There isn't some capricious universe that
punishes some and blesses others, there is a God who died
so that all men could be forgiven and freed from the power
and consequences of sin.

As we learn to live in God's abundance, fully recognizing
that there is no limit to His goodness, all greed and
competition will cease. Those who live in His blessings
know that they can only enjoy more when they become loving,
giving servants. The promise of scripture is so much
greater than anything "The Secret" has to offer, because it
puts everything in the proper perspective. And our faith
in God will do more than put money in our bank accounts; it
will fill the world with God's love and blessings.

About the Author:
The same faith that helped David defeat Goliath is in
everyone of us. In "Taking On Goliath - How To Unleash The
David In All Of Us," author Rob Marshall shows you how to
unleash your faith, overcome any obstacle, and live your
dreams. Get two free chapters at:

John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get The Secret Use The Law of Action

The essential message of The Secret is to guide one to the understanding that the key to unlocking your vast, unlimited potential is buried inside of you. The astounding worldwide attention started first by word-of-mouth and it's circulation is nothing short of a miracle. In all actuality it is just the Law of Attraction put into the Law of Action. Whether you are for or against these principles as presented in the documentary matters not. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, the rise and set of the sun, the downward pull of gravity, they just are, whether you choose to believe or not.

But the paradox is that most of those who "get it" have
known about this secret law, I'm willing to bet, most of
their life even if they didn't have a title for it. Then
there are many more who will be briefly inspired for a few
days or months then return to the blame game or the next
latest fad, relying on their television to tell them what
to do next.

You see The Secret has never been a secret. The obscurity
in large part is just man's inability to first look within
himself and second to act upon his answer. Do you know why
most people will still not experience lasting joy and
happiness in their life? Not because of the elusive Law of
Attraction but because of what I like to call the Law of

You can give people money, valuable information, a road map
to success and still they will get lost, quit or not even
try to find their way. If you don't believe me just go to
your local library or bookstore and check out the self-help
and financial sections.

What is the difference between a successful person and a
failure? It's certainly not one's better abilities, ideas
or education. It is simply the Law of Action, the courage
to take a calculated risk on one's self and put his idea's
into action.

How can you stop living your life like a deer caught in
headlights and start living life knowing you are meant to
be happy, healthy and abundant? Here is a checklist of 7
great Law of Action tips:

Get happy... You want happiness then you must attract it.
Find ways to lift your mood. Nobody really cares about that
stuff (drama) you carry around inside except you. It's time
to release it. Feel good now about where you want to be

Get quiet... You need to make room in your busy schedule
for some me time, some quiet time. Learn to be at peace
with yourself and it will spread to all areas of your life.

Get serious... Do you keep losing the same weight over and
over again? Do you keep having the same bad relationships
one after the other? The same dead-end, going no where or
unfulfilling job? Get off that merry-go-round and write out
what you want. Don't just think or daydream about it. Sit
down and write out what you want in detail.

Get organized... There is a process you used by which you
have come to live, think and act in the way that you
currently do. If you want lasting change, then there is
also a process you will need to create new thoughts and new
actions. After writing out your desired lifestyle, now turn
them into goals and affirmations. Go over them twice a day.

Get visualizing... Take 10 or 15 minutes a day to visualize
the new you. How does your new life look? Are you slimmer,
healthier, a calmer, nicer person? Do you eagerly help
others without expecting something in return? Once you get
happy, then get quiet, learn to act as if. See yourself
already having, being, doing that which you have organized.
Start believing you will get that which you seek before it

Get help... You can hire a life coach or you can buy
personal development books and CD's if you get stuck in a
particular area. Mentoring is great, that's what I do for a
living but I'm telling you, you are the best coach you will
ever have, you have all of the answers inside of you. You
just need to trust yourself then take action. We all get
stuck from time to time or need an extra push, just plug
into your favorite inspirational book, CD or DVD. Avoid the
temptation to become a self-help junkie.

And finally...

Get moving... If all anyone had to do was watch a movie,
read a book, or listen to a CD and things would happen,
stuff would get done. Everyone reading this article would
be rich, slim and attractive, married to the perfect mate
and sipping their morning coffee poolside at their dream
home. My point is, all information is useless unless you
are willing to get moving and take some action, make it
apart of who you are.

So you can follow The Secret DVD up with the Law of Action.
Feel ready, steady and confident about your life. Tom
Morris puts it eloquently, "A goal is not the same as a
desire and this is an important distinction to make. You
can have a desire you don't intend to act on. But you can't
have a goal you don't intend to act on."

Since your life is now, how about getting started today.

About the Author:
Do you want help getting clear about what you really want?
You'll find journal pages and free audio affirmations along
with other secret tools to download at . Priscilla coaches on
awareness and goal setting for your health, your business
and your relationships, motivating others to rebuild from
the inside-out.
John V
I Create Reality

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People:

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Monday, June 18, 2007

How To Use Affirmations To Make Your Dreams Come True Part 1

An affirmation is a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something. The truth is you are whole, perfect, and complete exactly as you are. When you say an affirmation such as "I am confident and competent" that statement is true about you, it's just that you might not believe it.

Repeating the affirmation over and over will imprint it
into your subconscious until you begin to believe it. You
will then start behaving as if you are confident and
competent because your mind will have accepted it as a new

Everything you want is available to you, all you have to do
is claim it. Writing and reciting affirmations is one way
of claiming what you want.

You don't have to believe your affirmations.

It is great if you do believe your affirmations, but it
doesn't matter if you don't. In fact, you probably won't
believe most of them, especially if your affirmation is a
real stretch for you. Just keep repeating them in spite of
the voices in your head telling you that you're lying to
yourself, or this stuff doesn't work.

If your affirmation is "I have all the money I can ever
want and need" and you only have $748 in your savings
account, you will likely hear your monkey mind saying "that
is not true, you only have $748" , or "no you don't have
all the money you can ever want and need, you're broke" .

Just ignore the negative voices and continue to repeat your
affirmations. Know that the voices will be there and it is
perfectly normal. As you continue to repeat your positive
affirmations, the negative voices will get quieter and
quieter. They will probably never go away, but after a
while the voices in support of your affirmations will get
stronger and the negative voices will be in the background,
barely audible.

The mind must have repetition in order for you to manifest
your affirmations into reality. Even when it seems like
nothing is happening, keep repeating them. Trust me, it

I'll share a true story about one of my affirmations. When
I was "forty-something" I decided I wanted to run a
marathon just to see if I could do it. At the time, I was
40 pounds overweight and could not run a block without
being winded. I had never run more than one mile, not to
mention the 26.2 miles required for a marathon. I decided
to run the Vancouver marathon in Canada and raise money for
the Leukemia Society. Ironically, my sweet little brother
died of Leukemia seven years later.

One of my affirmations was "I will finish this race" . I
trained for seven months with one of my girlfriends who had
a death in her family and had to back out just one week
before the race. I ended up having to run the marathon
alone (although there were thousands of people there) on
one of the coldest, rainy, and windy days in Vancouver
history. In addition, I trained on flat ground and the
trail in Vancouver was unexpectedly hilly.

It was my affirmation "I will finish this race" that kept
me going. I wanted to stop at mile 13 but I couldn't stop
even though I was tired, hungry, and bleeding from the
constant friction from parts of my clothing. Seven months
of repeating that affirmation gave me strength of mind that
I didn't even know I had. I did finish the race and I have
my medal and t-shirt to prove it!

Affirmations are a very normal way of thinking. You have
been giving yourself affirmations all your life. Everything
you think or say to yourself is an affirmation. Anything
someone else says to you is an affirmation""if you accept
it. Your subconscious mind will accept it all, whether it
is good or bad for you. You want to be more deliberate and
strategic with your affirmations.

People don't usually make a conscious decision to program
negative thoughts into their subconscious mind. They're
usually not even aware that they're doing it. And,
sometimes when they become aware, they rationalize it. For
example, if you find yourself saying "I'm broke" that is
an affirmation. Yes, you can rationalize it by saying "I
have to be realistic, I really am broke." If you want that
reality, keep saying it. If you want to change that reality
then you must change the affirmation, and consequently, the

That is how you form negative beliefs about yourself. You
say things to yourself over and over (usually
unconsciously). When you repeat these thoughts enough, they
become beliefs that you just accept as your reality.

In Part 2... When To Use Affirmations - John C Vincent

About the Author:
LaVera Gaston is a Success Coach and Law of Attraction
expert providing coaching and training to entrepreneurs,
professionals, and small business owners. She is a former
senior executive and helps her clients develop the right
mindset, goals, and strategies to grow their businesses.
She is founder of MindSync Solutions and can be reached at
916-419-3998. You can visit her website at

John V
I Create Reality

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Laws Of Life - Continued


Life is like a mirror - what you put out, you'll get back even more. Put out positive energy (vibrations) and you'll attact positive results. (This too is closely aligned with Law One: the Law of Attraction).

You become what you think about the most ("then why aren't I a woman!"). Our thoughts shape our reality; so we need to learn how to SHAPE our thoughts, as the potter moulds the clay. Consequently, as the old saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for - you'll probably get it!"

"We are what we think.
All that we are arises
With our thoughts.
With our thoughts,
We make our world."
- the Buddha

"It's not what you think you are, but what you THINK, you ARE."
- minister Norman Vincent Peale, the father of the concept 'The Power of Positive Thinking'

"Man is mind and evermore he takes the tool of thought and, shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills.

He thinks in secret and it comes to pass -
Environment is but his looking glass."
- anon

Thanks so much for sharing, dad

13 ("Lucky") The Law of EXPECTATION (POSITIVE):

Always expect a favourable outcome - the best from your actions in whatever you undertake. Be an optomist seeing the glass as "half full" in all your endeavours!

14. The Law of INTENTION (good)
Do things in the right "heart and spirit" with a genuine desire (intent) of some action(s) to make some small difference in the world, otherwise sharing ideas to help others ...and you can't go wrong. (My reason for sharing this piece - "oh no, not another article from you, Craig!")


Spend more time in planning and setting goals. Then spend quiet times in reflection and contemplation to review and monitor your progress. Are you moving ahead, or do you perhaps need to "change tack" (strategy).

Manifesting what we want out of life still requires action and planning. Ask, trust, and allow the Universe's Infinite Wisdom to send you the answers on what to do to attain our deepest desires.

BALANCE thought with decision, which leads to ACTION. Because, if you are going to move ahead in life and make the most of your potential, rather than just ponder possibilities, you will need to take some practical steps, ie. actually DO something, "Mr/Mrs/Ms Dreamer". You have to undergo the process of taking your desired goals and breaking them down into manageable parts. Plan appropriately and follow through - then through taking action on each step, it IS definitely possible to attain even your "wildest" dreams or destination.

16 The Law of HABIT:
Good habits maketh man and woman.

“Try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a person of value.
- Einstein


When one commits fully to an endeavour, "body, heart and soul", nothing can stop you. The moment one commits fully to an enterprise, all the mysterious forces of the Universe, God, Providence, Life Force moves too - in bringing all the threads even the "tangled" ones) together, so that your most earnest desires WILL one day come to pass..

18. The Law of COMMAND:
"Thou shalt deem a thing and it shall be so."

The words we use to ourselves are vital in shaping our attitudes (mindsets). So be careful what you say to yourself (especially negative self talk/chatter); as it might just happen - it usually does! "Speak" desired events, ocurrences and outcomes "into existence".

and most importantly (saving the best for last)

19. The LAW (POWER) of BELIEF:

"All things are possible to him who believes."
- Mark 9:23

Now for a few personal thoughts on "spiritual matters" (note this is NOT religion, as I sincerely believe dogmatic and fanatical religion divides humanity and is the cause of so much conflict).

Jesus Christ understood perfectly human nature (the human condition) and the above-mentioned principles of the mind - even 2000 years ago! The teachings of Christ were psychologically correct and violate no psychological laws, though original in concept and spirit.

Jesus possessed a wealth of wisdom in dealing with people's day-to-day, as well as their spiritual problems. He knew the deepest recesses of the human heart: "He knew what was in man." The very best psychiatrist!


* BELIEVE in the tremendous power of BELIEF (ie. certainty): in the form of your thoughts and imagination. Use these incredible mental tools to your advantage through your amazing human mind. Sow positive energy and you'll reap positive results. If you think your life will be exciting and fulfilling, you WILL make it a reality.

"Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you HAVE received it and it will be yours."
- Mark 11:24

I believe there is a spiritual solution to any problem on this planet. One just has to think "outside the square", on another level, at/in a "higher dimension"... then one's whole perspective changes.

When stuck on what particular action to take, ASK, TRUST, and allow the Universe's Infinite Wisdom to send you the answers through the amazing power of your subconscious mind, our "doorway to God, the Ultimate Source".

and finally, the two most powerful forces in the world...

20. THE LAW OF CREATION: God is a God of Creation, which is why we've all been blessed with the amazing power of the human imagination (the way, I believe we "get divine answers from "another realm", a Higher Power. We ALL have FREE WILL: the choice to BELIEVE, or not: the FAITH to believe that your deepest desires and even wildest dreams can and WILL happen if you can just have enough FAITH.


N.B: THE LAW OF LOVE: It really works! Give love and you receive back far more..

The above principles, I believe, are in perfect alignment with the laws of physics and human psychology (the spiritual is just another (and 'higher') realm or dimension in which they operate). I sincerely hope these Truths (eternal) motivate, uplift and perhaps even inspire you to move ahead and achieve great success: To be all you can be and become... in your business, or whatever endeavours you may choose to embark on in your life.

Have FUN and BE happy as you "ride down the rapids of life"
Craig Lock (Eagle Productions)

Books by Craig Lock are available at:

"Let the light of your BEING shine brightly; so revealing Who You Really Are.

Be a Bringer of the Light, which emanates from the deepest recesses of our soul, God, our Creator, the original Source, the Essence of Life (and Ground of our very Being).

Therefore, it can do more than illuminate your own path.

Because we are all connected (no matter where on the planet you may live), YOUR unique spirit will help makes the lives of others easier:

By illuminating the paths of our fellow human beings down the often tumultuous journey of life.

For this torch, this beacon of light and hope is the spirit of our shared humanity, the character of God, truth, wisdom, beauty and especially love... and I truly believe that this divine spark lies within each ONE of us. It's what we have in common.

Through your actions and your being, let your light, YOUR unique spirit truly shine brightly on the world, like the radiance emitted by a candle at midnight."

- Craig Lock (inspired by the words of Neale Donald Walsch and the Ultimate Source).

"Be the very best person you can be with "loads of" FUN. Become the person you are CAPABLE of being ... and ALL the person God, Our Creator intended and CALLED us to become."

"Even when your own light appears to be extinguished, another human being may light that candle once more, turning it someday into a bright flame... somewhere, somehow."

"When I let go of who (and what) I think I am, then I become all that I am capable of being."
- Craig Lock (as adapted and inspired from Lao Tzu)

In addition,
I love these uplifting words from Larry Chenges, so I'll share to end off this piece of writing...

"I wish you well on a rainy day
I wish you rainbows to brighten your day
To feel your quiet moments with a special kind of warmth
to remind you that happiness can happen
when you least expect it.

I wish you rainbows to make you laugh and smile
to show you the simple beauty of life
and to give you the magic of dreams come true.

I wish you rainbows
I wish you well."
- Larry S. Chenges (thanks, Larry)

I wish you well too in following your dreams and being all you were created to be.

These thoughts may be freely published.

Don't worry about the world ending today... as it's already tomorrow in little scenic and tranquil New Zealand

Other Articles by Craig are available at: growth, self help, writing, internet marketing, words of inspiration and money management)

John V
I Create Reality

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

THE LAWS OF LIFE: Twenty-One Universal Laws and Spiritual Truths

"Our minds can shape the way a thing will be, because we act according to our expectations ...and that's why it shapes our reality."

Submitter's Note: Just sharing a few thoughts as I research, study and write about the human mind, spiritual principles and the Laws of Life. This article is largely based upon a chapter, "Universal Laws and Truth" from the fascinating and thought-provoking book, "The Way of the Warrior Trader" by Dr Richard D. McCall.

I believe, If we can understand these "facts of life", anyone WILL overcome negative and consequently disabling emotions, so you can achieve your full potential in life. So this is my reason for sharing (as well as "formalising, clarifying, imprinting and manifesting" these principles and thoughts - 'wise' in my "top two inches", as I do it), together with some additional points and input of my own)…

Now after that long "intro", I'll share the concepts mentioned in this work with you (whew, at long last!) . . .

* Here are the Twenty Universal (and Spiritual) Laws, which I believe, are applicable in ALL areas of our lives:

1. First is the Law of ATTRACTION: When you are well grounded in your life purpose, have clarity for what you desire most, and are focused on your specific needs, the Universe (God/Life Force/Infinite Spirit) will come to your aid. People who spend time each day getting clear on what it is that they want, always will be able to get what they want.

2. The second principle is the Law of CONNECTION:
I believe every 'body' on this planet is connected in the spiritual realm. We are all spiritual beings on an earthly existence. Because we humans have the power of intellectualisation, rationality and especially in the immense power of choices - to act, to elevate our thinking and so choose our level of consciousness, which will determine our ultimate destinies. And we activate our spiritual connection through service to others, a sense of gratitude (or an attitude of abundance and especially grace), and a shared humanity.

3. The third principle is based on the Law of SOWING AND REAPING: In more modern everyday language, this may also be known as the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT (as postulated by the Greek philosopher, Socrates). First you must give, and then you will receive. The farmer plants the seed and then reaps the rich harvest.

The Law of Attraction is also closely related to the LAW OF GRATITUDE: Have an 'attitude of gratitude' and you'll be richly blessed.

4. The Law of DUALITY (or CONTRASTS):
There is a flip side or opposite of everything. Every negative has a positive (and is accentuatated - big word - by the contrast). For instance, you can only know good, if there is evil. Light can only exist with the darkness. Good luck can only exist, if there is such a thing as having experienced bad luck. And to experience success you must know failure. Even severe adversity can have some benefit, if we adopt a positive attitude and grow from the experience. We can perhaps use our bitter experiences of the deepest hurts to help others.

Perhaps our dark times (the "dark night of the soul") are there so that we can really find joy in the bright days.

5. The Law of CYCLES:
All events occur in cycles. Professional athletes and cricketers (or baseballers for you Americans) might refer to the law of cycles as streaks ("hot").

In accepting the law of cycles, we must know how to make the most of the good streaks. And when times are bad, keep your head up and look ahead expectantly to the upcoming reversal of fortune.

6. The Law of EVOLUTION and CHANGE:
Everything evolves and changes (as pressures and the sands of life shift over time) - the ebbs and flows of life. So it is up to you to ensure you progress and move ahead; as what were once huge obstacles get, "seemingly miraculously" removed..

7. The Law of CHOICES:
The greatest aspect of the human condition, I believe is our freedom: a freedom to make choices in life: regarding where to live, occupation, how we spend our time, our leisure pursuits, who to marry, and so on. Each one of us has absolute control over the multitude of choices we make each day ...and our possibilities are unlimitëd. Stop feeling trapped by your circumstances, as you are not a victim of life. If you are feeling "negatively stuck in the deep brown stuff", make the decision to change your life and choose a brand new future. Consequently YOU have the power and freedom to control your destiny.

Linked to the above Law of Choices is:

You must accept the full outcomes for the various decisions (choices) you make daily.

9. The Law of INERTIA:
In physics the law of inertia states that: "An object at rest tends to stay at rest." This law is true of life as well. Action gets momentum going! The longer you procrastinate on completing that project, the longer you go without acting, the harder it will be to get started.

10. The Law of MOMENTUM:
"An object in motion tends to stay in motion." This second law of physics is again a reality of life. Once you get started, it is easier to keep going and make progress. After the decision has been made, one tiny first step gets the momentum going. You probably notice the effect of this law in action every day. Once you get out of bed (for me the hardest part) and into the showër (warm, I trust!), getting dressed, having "brekkie' and even going out the door to work ('clean and shiny') is 'a breeze'.

Done often enough (usually 21X 'they' say), an action becomes an ingrained HABIT... and good habits lead to good results and good living.

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."
- ancient Chinese saying

11. The Law of SYNCHRONICITY (otherwise known as "CO-INCIDENCES"*):
* I prefer to call it 'divine order'.

This principle is closely aligned with no 1: The Law of Attraction.

You are part of the universe, not a separate entity.

We humans are all connected to a common humanity. Your actions affect those around you and determine how your life is shaped. It is important to recognize that you are inseparable from the events and situations in your life. When you see your connection to the world around you, you understand the control you have over your destiny.

Craig Lock (Eagle Productions)Books by Craig Lock are available at:

Stay Tuned for the Remaining 10 Laws Of Life . . . Tomorrow!

John V
I Create Reality

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Ten Laws

Learn These Ten Laws of Attraction so You Can Achieve the Results You Want

Do Follow These Laws on top (for Comparison) - Don't do these Below each number:

1) Do- Want it but don’t need it!
Express gratitude for your current blessings. Allow more to flow into your life by cultivating a spirit of contentment and acceptance.

Don't- Need it.
Absolutely require what you want in order to be happy. Want it in a very "demanding" way.

2) Do- Want with relaxation and ease.
Think of the difference between Power and Force. Replace hurry with patience.

Don't- Want with force and compulsion.
Try to control and make everything turn out the way you want.

3) Do- Open yourself to "something better".
Visualize the end result, but allow the universe to figure out the "hows".

Don't- Insist that what you want must manifest in a particular way and by a particular method.

4) Do- Be happy without it.
You can be happy while still desiring some things to be better in your life.Enjoy happiness right now.

Don't- Dwell on unhappiness and lack. Eliminate the creative flow by desiring in a "pressured" and "grasping" way.

5) Do- Trust and surrender.
Trust in a higher power who knows what is best for you.Surrender in humility to this higher power.

Don't- Allow fear and ego to rule.
Refuse to relax and surrender because you think you can control and do everything yourself.

6) Do- Know why you want it.
Ask your self the three words, "For What Purpose?" What emotional state do you desire and anticipate.

Don't- Avoid conscious creation.
Do not attempt to understand why you want something, merely believe it will fulfill you somehow.

7) Do- Explore your reasons.
The more benefits and reasons you can imagine in detail, the more likely it is you will manifest your desire.

Don't- Maintain only one reason for wanting.
Do not expand your mind and think of more benefits.

8) Do- Take small steps.
Any step forward brings you closer to your desire.Incremental actions lead to monumental results!

Don't- Freeze yourself into inactivity.
Think that the big important steps just take too much energy, so do nothing instead.

9) Do- Exercise patience and consistent action.Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. Free yourself from linear time, and live your life in the now.

Don't- Demand it now.
Insist on the need to hurry (because you can’t be happy without it). Believe there is some real destination to reach.

10) Do- Believe you are worth it.
You do deserve what you want. Identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs. Remember that you can powerfully create what you want.

Don't- Believe in your own inferiority.
Tell yourself you do not deserve good things in life. Insist that you are a victim.

John V
I Create Reality

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thank You!

I truly appreciate the readers of this blog and the comments that have been made. You're most gracious in your thoughts and I am truly humbled by your enthusiasm for this ancient Law.

As for myself, I visualize on a daily basis, 3 times a day (when I wake up, free time in the mid-day and at bed-time) and the results have been phenomenal.

I plan on more great articles from experts around the world on this awesome Law in hopes that you benefit beyond your wildest manifestations :-)

So come back often and discover new techniques in this ancient practise We Moderns Call . . .

The Law Of Attraction.

John V

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Living With Abundance and The Law of Attraction

It is always good to live with abundance in many aspects of my life:
My Relationships with myself and others, my health, my wealth, my philanthropy, my work and my leisure and relaxation.

When I achieve balance of these aspects of my life, by
having fairly even 'scores' for each of them, then it is so
much easier to be harmonious to myself and all those around

Of course, in the past, it was tempting to 'succeed' by
getting a 10 with one of these pieces of the pie at the
expense of the others. This would lead to great short term
success and satisfaction on the surface while covering up
or ignoring the low 'scores' in the areas of my life. It
would be like driving down the road with a non-circular
wheel! It would be a smooth ride with frequent predictable
violent jolting followed by some smoothness for a while and
then the jolting again. Or alternatively, I could liken it
to having a bicycle wheel with one long spoke (the 10
score) and all the other spokes being short would lead to a
very bumpy uneven ride!

Of course, I am only writing about this wheel and not about
life at all am I?

So life would be successful, but not necessarily fulfilling.

Consider this Is there more future potential and immediate
ease by having all the scores at a similar level?

Even it they are all low scores?

So that the spokes are all similar lengths and the ride is
even and quite smooth with the ability to spin the wheel
faster easily and thus reach my desired outcome more
easily, calmly, serenely and effortlessly. Or, would I
prefer to have a couple of long spokes while the rest are
short leading to an unbalanced wheel and life, where if I
wanted to go faster I would shake myself apart with the
bumpiness of the ride!? This could be likened to a race car
that wanted to go at top speed and yet had to change into
1st gear every one hundred metres or yards! Ouch! The
whiplash doctors would have a field day! Of course I prefer
a bicycle with small circular wheels than large triangular
or square ones.

It is a Daily life of Constant And Never-Ending Improvement
to grow the spokes of the wheel longer little by little at
an evenly distributed rate.

Now that you are living harmoniously, you are ready to
receive what you want to manifest in your life using "The
Law of Attraction"

About the Author:

Best wishes for a life of "Living With Abundance"
Nigel Pendrigh
Living With Abundance @

John V
Wealth Beyond Reason!

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Summary of the book THE SECRET

"We share what we know, so that we all may grow."

Summary of the book THE SECRET
(from the Oprah Winfrey Show and some radio interviews)

Brief Summary:
As you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be or do anything you want. You will come to know who you really are.

Author's Note:
This article (in point form) is a summary of an interview with the creators of 'The Secret', based on ancient spiritual truths. It is based upon notes I've taken from Oprah's most uplifting TV program, as well as from some radio interviews here in far-off scenic New Zealand (Godzone). I put my own questions or reservations to the points raised with a ?? and have included a few personal points in the form of additional phrases, based upon my own studies in this field..

My close friends think 'The Secret' is very "new agey and materialistic"; however I believe in the simple principles of the power of the human mind, that are elaborated upon in the book. Consequently, I'm sharing this piece with the hope and in the spirit of encouraging people to follow their hearts in "going for" and then getting really what they want out of life. People achieving their full potentials and being happy. That is what I really want and is my dream!!


This book is based upon the Law of ATTRACTION: the law by which we are creating our life, like attracts like, the things we want out of life.

We have CHOICE by our thoughts.

What we THINK, we attract into our lives. We create our own reality, our circumstances. We all have our own magnetic field (??). We choose our futures with our thoughts. What we focus on expands, through the images we hold in our heads (whether negative or positive). This affects how we FEEL. It's what feelings generate that then create our ACTIONS.

Set out a goal or vision for your life: What do you really want to achieve? What will make you happy, wealthy, successful? Define it!.

Get your thoughts, feelings and ACTIONS in tune, in alignment Then you'll ACT accordingly.
We are all ENERGY?? (not this "laid-back, Larry in Sleepy Hollow"!).

Our thoughts and feelings control our energy. There is no such thing as co-incidences???.

We have UNLIMITED POWER. Thought is a unit of energy, love, gratitude, peace and harmony. What will flow into your life?. This will lead to your life destiny. Keep a gratitude journal and "open up to being". Be grateful living with an "attitude of gratitude". Something new can come into your life, when you are grateful for what you already have. Appreciate them. Be open to an abundant universe. Do things that will enthuse you (why I write). Relax and "be with it".

Teach people HOW to treat you. We expect other people to show us our greatness (and this is not success). Celebrate it!. It's a matter of learning and growth. The talents lie within you. Nothing can flow into your life without gratitude.

Energy flows where attention goes - vibration??.. Then your life expands.


The universe has more than enough to give everyone who asks. Everything is energy. It's limitless and is never destroyed. There is enough good in the world to bring love, happiness, wealth, harmony, joy, peace, wisdom. Everything, good and bad, gets attracted to you. Become more aware of Who You Really Are. The Intention of sacred was to bring joy to the world???.

* So how to utilise the above principles in one of the most stressful areas of our

Think not debt, but financial freedom. Focus on where you are going. Focus on the feeling that you are now financially free. Make the DECISION. What you focus on expands. Use the power of visualisation, as this embeds positive images in our consciousness. You deserve to feel good. Claim it NOW!

The true definition of forgiveness: "give up the hope that the past could be different."

We can change our associations of pain and pleasure.

Every single thing (experience) has a gift in it???. Ask yourself: "What can I learn from this situation?" I am what I am, because of what happened to me. What are you here to teach me?

Isn't that simply having (and maintaining) a positive attitude to events, both good and bad?


Have a clear intention. Visualise.

What is your priority in life? Make your goals and dreams in tune (ie. congruent) with your highest values. This then moves you forward with action steps to your greatest advantage.
Live with passion, purpose and at the pinnacle.

Do what you love and love what you do. Prioritise your 'to do' list and delegation frees up your energy levels.

Ask yourself daily: Is what I'm doing now moving me towards what I really want out of life?

"What we think about, we bring about".
"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"
- the Bible

Be fulfilled and inspired.
Give thanks. Gratitude opens you up to the universe. Live with an attitude of gratitude and be happy




Well, isn't that exactly what Jesus simply and wisely said 2000 years ago!

Submitted by Craig Lock ("Incorrigible Encourager, Information and Inspiration Distributor")

"Dare To Believe...

That you are a wonderful unique person.
That you are a once-in-all-history event.
That it's more than a right, it's your duty, to be who you are.
That life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to cherish,
and you'll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down. "

- Author Unknown

"Be all that you are capable of being"

About the author:
Craig believes in sharing information and insights to make a difference in this world: to help and especially encourage people along life's magical journey ... and that brings him the greatest joy.

Uplifting, encouraging and empowering people through the power of words and thought energy.
Change YOUR world and you change THE world."

John V
Wealth Beyond Reason!

John C. Vincent/CEO/The Opt-In Magic System

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